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In order to monitor PT.Asuransi Buana Independent, the Board of Commissioner always carefully follow on our management of the insurance business carried out by the Directors and their staff each year.
The macro condition in 2008 was shadowed by the movement of a worrying global market, which was following the sub-prime mortage fluctuation in the US. Although the condition created certain worry, the year after 2008 holds promising hopes for the insurance industry.
The Regulation of Treasury Minister no.74/PMK.010/2007 dated on June 29, 2007 concerning the Automotive Insurance still has an effect in 2008. Also the Regulation of Republic of Indonesian Government No. 39/2008 which was later corrected with Government Regulation No.81/2008 dated on December 31, 2008 concerning the minimum private capital of Rp 40 billion at the end of 2010, Rp 70 billion at the end of 2012 and Rp.100 billion at the end of 2014, have made a lot of insurance company to think very hard on how to fulfill it.
Board of Commissioner always follows the effort done by Directors and their staff so that every year can be passed with success, proven by the next profit after tax and gross premium.The relationship with agents, brokers and banks are tighter and the number of partnership has increased every year.
New products which are surety bond, custom bond have increased and are developed further with contra bank guarantee as well as supply bond.
In conclusion, the Board of Commissioner would like to very much thank all parties; the insured, reinsurer, agents, brokers, banks, partners who have been cooperating well with PT.Asuransi Buana Indepenent. Also, the Board of Commissioner would like to congratulate the directors and their staff on their great achievements and hope this effort will carry onto the years after.
Board of Commissioner
PT.Asuransi Buana Independent
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