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Provide insurance on the loss of money and / or securities from safe, drawer, cashier box or when in transit from one place to another.Asset insured can be cash, bank notes, currency notes, cheques and money orders.
Type of insurance money is :
1. Cash In Safe : indemnity againts loss of money stored in the safe-deposit box,either in banks or in the office that is due to theft by force.
2.Cash in Cashier Box : indemnity againts loss of money stored in the cashier box inthe office because by force.This is only applicable during working hours.After working hours, the money is stored back into the safe-deposit box which is covered with Cash in Safe.
3.Cash In Transit : indepmnity againts loss of money during transportation from the bank to the office / home or vice versa.This is only applicable if the insurance cover risks of robbery, theft and accidents within the policy.
Risks excluded are errors that arise due to miscalculation, employee dishonesty, robbery, war, riot, and nuclear damaged.
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