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marine cargo insurance
Provide protection to the Insured (the owner of goods transported) from the damage / loss on the goods transported (which is in the carriage) as a result of a natural / accident.
Types of transportation insurance:
1. Baggage Transportation Insurance Through the Sea.
2. Baggage Transportation Insurance Through the Air.
3. Baggage Transportation Insurance Through the Land.
Asset insured can be cargo, freight, imaginary profit and insurance premium.The object of coverage in this insurance is the goods transported itself (cargo), transportation costs / money
Conditions covered in this insurance :
1. Sea Transportation (ICC C, B, and ICC ICC A / All risk)
2. Land Transportation ( Cover B dan Cover A )
3. Air Transportation ( ICC Air 1.1.82 )
The risk included, excluded and the extent of coverage is different depending on the terms and conditions.
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