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personal accident insurance
Accidents, namely violence, including those of a physical or chemical nature, are directed from outside towards the insured body which immediately (suddenly, unwanted and without any intention) results in injuries whose nature and location can be determined by a doctor.
Providing insurance to the insured as a result of an accident that befell him for 24 hours within a certain coverage period, for example for one year or during one trip.
The object of coverage for this insurance is the person or body of a person acting as the insured person. The risks that are guaranteed are:
1. Death risk (Risk A), namely in the event of an accident which results in the insured's death within 180 (one hundred and eighty) days after the accident.
2. Risk of permanent disability (Risk B), namely in the event of an accident that results in a state of permanent disability / continuity during life and healing is no longer possible, including in this case is a state of physical disability so that part of the body that is disabled cannot function again at all.
3. The risk of medical expenses / doctor / hospital treatment (Risk D), namely the company will pay all costs for medical / doctor / hospital treatment / treatment caused by an accident. Payment is made based on original proof of payment with a maximum amount not exceeding the sum insured stated in the policy.
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